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10/31/2014 | Press Release

Fierce Innovation Awards: Telecom Edition Announces Finalists, BandwidthX Recognized

BandwidthX announced today that is has been selected as a finalist in this year’s Fierce Innovation Awards: Telecom Edition, an operator-reviewed awards…


10/09/2014 | Press Release

BandwidthX to speak at the WBA’s Wi-Fi Global Congress

This week BandwidthX CEO Pertti Visuri will speak about how flourishing specialization and enabling the use of “Dark Wi-Fi” creates new opportunity for everyone in the Wi-Fi ecosystem.


6/17/2014 | Press Release

BandwidthX Joins Key Speakers at the Wi-Fi Offload Summit

This week BandwidthX will join top industry leaders in discussing Wi-Fi monetization opportunities at the Wi-Fi Offload Summit in Palo Alto, California.


6/12/2014 | Press Release

FierceWireless Names BandwidthX as one of Its “Fierce 15" Wireless Companies of 2014

BandwidthX announced today that it has been named to the annual FierceWireless “Fierce 15” list, designating it as one of the top privately-held wireless companies of the year


6/5/2014 | ReThink Research

The future of wireless – BandwidthX gets close to CableLabs

The sheer power of WiFi as a weapon for the cablecos ‘ adding wireless to their triple plays while reducing their reliance on MVNO deals ‘ is …

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5/29/2014 | FierceWirelessTech

BandwidthX's 'dark Wi-Fi' capacity marketplace is in trials, says CEO

BOULDER, Colo.—Executives from BandwidthX recently brought their "dark Wi-Fi" message to Colorado…

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3/11/2014 | Press Release

Heavy Reading Releases White Paper on Financial Impact of a Wi-Fi Market Solution

Today, Heavy Reading released a white paper that takes a data driven look at the value of Wi-Fi commerce.


3/6/2014 | ReThink Research

BandwidthX WiFi marketplace will slash MNO capex

A whitepaper and cost model produced with the help of consulting group Wireless 20/20 reaches the clear conclusion that MNOs will end up buying extra WiFi capacity from ISPs on a pay-as-you-go basis.

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2/25/2014 | Press Release

BandwidthX and Wireless 20/20 Team Up at Mobile World Congress

The two companies will take a data-driven look at the benefits of Wi-Fi commerce and the value of “Dark Wi-Fi”…


1/23/2014 | Press Release

BandwidthX CEO to Speak at the Wi-Fi Offload Summit

At this week’s Wi-Fi Offload Summit in Frankfurt, Germany, BandwidthX will join top industry leaders in examining…


12/20/2013 | Light Reading

Top 10 Carrier WiFi Movers & Shakers

While most companies are talking about getting WiFi everywhere for their customers, there are a lot of APs…

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11/20/2013 | Press Release

BandwidthX Wins 2013 WBA Best New Venture Wi-Fi Industry Award

The Wireless Broadband Alliance today selected BandwidthX, as the winner of the Best New Venture Award.


11/20/2013 | Press Release

BandwidthX to Speak at the MVNO Industry Summit USA in Dallas

BandwidthX today announces that it will join top industry representatives in the ‘Utilising Wi-Fi & Data Roaming to Build on Subscriber Bases’ session…


10/08/2013 | Press Release

BandwidthX Shortlisted for WBA Best New Venture Wi-Fi Industry Award

BandwidthX has been shortlisted for the Wi-Fi Broadband Alliance’s Wi-Fi Industry Award: 2013 Best New Venture.


09/24/2013 | Press Release

BandwidthX Announces New Advisory Board

BandwidthX, the cloud based Wi-Fi marketplace, today announces the appointment of six members to its corporate Advisory Board.


09/02/2013 |

BandwidthX’s proposition to mobile carriers is a no-brainer – but will it work?

Every once in a blue moon someone in the telecoms industry comes up with a really bright idea – something so obvious and simple that it seems unlikely that it could…

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07/30/2013 | Maravedis-Rethink

Wi-Fi marketplace could change carrier Wi-Fi business model

Mobile operators are intensely interested in carrier Wi-Fi, to offload burdensome data from their precious networks…

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06/19/2013 | TelecomTV One

Selling WiFi bandwidth by the micro-chunk

Bandwidthx's online market idea: one more approach to WiFi monetisation and WiFi's folding into the emerging 'heterogeneous ' (hetnet) market.

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06/10/2013 | Press Release

BandwidthX joins key speakers at the Wi-Fi Global Congress

BandwidthX today announces that it is to join a host of top industry representatives in the ‘business cases and monetization strategies’ stream at this week’s Wi-Fi Global Congress in London.


06/06/2013 | ReThink Wireless

BandwidthX launches Wi-Fi marketplace

An interesting new twist in the increasingly strategic world of carrier Wi-Fi - BandwidthX has created a service called Bandwidth Market…

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06/05/2013 | FierceBroadbandWireless

BandwidthX links buyers and sellers of Wi-Fi hotspot capacity

Bandwidth Market, a cloud-based service that enables mobile network operators to gain extra Wi-Fi capacity as needed from third-party networks…

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06/04/2013 | Press Release

BandwidthX brings the ‘X-Factor’ to the Wi-Fi Global Congress next week

BandwidthX is to launch a new era in global Wi-Fi access next week at the Wi-Fi Global Congress in London on June 10.


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