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What is it?


Xpacity is a solution that harnesses underutilized 5G and LTE capacity in mobile data networks. It automatically reaches across network boundaries to achieve better signal conditions and to better balance load in two networks or independent layers in a single network.

To meet the growing data demand and maintain the high-quality subscriber experience, operators must build networks with the future in mind. This means creating large data capacity reserves in a particular sector or location to cover demand growth until the next opportunity to increase capacity. Xpacity can employ this otherwise underutilized capacity by using it to serve devices that normally would use a heavily loaded network. With Xpacity a completely new dimension to maximizing the efficiency of existing network capacity is created.

What are the

Xpacity provides several benefits to its participants. Most notable are significant CapEx savings, a much improved user experience, and an option to monetize underutilized capacity. Optimally moving mobile devices from a loaded cell to an alternative network improves connection speeds and also reduces the need for CAPEX.

High demand growth has led to very uneven and generally low utilization of existing network capacity for all mobile network operators (MNOs). Xpacity increases network efficiency. This results in a combination of large savings in CAPEX and OPEX as well as improvements in the connection speeds experienced by subscribers. It also provides opportunities to wholesale excess capacity in specific network locations. MNOs can decide what mix of these benefits is right for them.

How does it

Xpacity automatically optimizes how mobile devices connect across two or more independent network layers. Advanced optimization, AI and machine learning assure that each mobile device will be served by the eNodeB in the network layer that achieves the best cost savings and user experience improvement.

Xpacity’s net effect is moving a MNO's underutilized LTE capacity from areas where average network load percentages are low to locations where the percentage load is high and additional capacity is needed. Xpacity can do this when two overlapping networks or independent network layers can be engaged in the optimization. Xpacity provides this service and benefits with three components: our planning module, optimized controller, and BxMarket functionality.

Planning Module

We will work with you to evaluate Xpacity opportunities for your network and subscribers. Based on detailed modeling of your network using industry standard tools and BandwidthX components, we can create detailed scenarios demonstrating the benefit of optimizing your network together with potential cooperation candidates.

Implementing Optimized Control

Based on the results of the modeling, your objectives and overall network plans, we will work with you and your SON system vendor to implement the control enhancements that provide the real time optimization using industry standard network parameters.

BxMarket for Xpacity

Operators in many countries are already engaged in static sharing of portions of their networks to produce efficiencies and lower CAPEX relating to network coverage. With Xpacity these benefits can be expanded to dense, urban areas where the primary focus is on capacity and subscriber experience.

Xpacity’s dynamic optimization and great benefits can be achieved with very limited cooperation. BxMarket provides the control that lets each participant control exactly what benefits they seek and what are the limits of the optimization.

This need for intelligent network selection and dynamic control policies has led to the expanded scope of BxMarket, and its ability to optimize all kinds of network use across network boundaries.


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