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What is it?


BxWiFi is a service that optimizes the use of wireless data utilizing all available Wi-Fi and cellular. This saves costs and provides a better user experience. The service saves cellular data by improving how mobile devices automatically select Wi-Fi when a good quality connection is available. In addition, BxWiFi pays special attention to assuring a good customer experience by balancing making Wi-Fi connections automatically and managing the status of the Wi-Fi radio without disturbing the device users. In essence, BxWiFi helps mobile operators save data and network costs while providing a better overall experience for their subscribers.

What are the

BxWiFi Benefits

Bottom line savings from optimizing Wi-Fi use have been proven in years of successful operations and rigorous comparison trials. As the above shows, the results are higher value service for mobile subscribers and lower cost for the service provider.

How does it

There are two elements that provide the BxWiFi: BxApp and BxMarket. Through BxMarket, mobile operators set policies for accessing additional capacity using parameters such as time, location, and quality thresholds. This way the alternative data capacity is only used when it creates value. Then the BxApp on the user’s mobile device communicates in real-time with BandwidthX’s cloud-based servers that host the policies. When defined parameters are met, the app automatically and seamlessly shifts data traffic to available Wi-Fi. A connection is established only when quality of service and thresholds are verified, ensuring a favorable user experience.


BandwidthX’s connection management enables seamless automatic connections of mobile devices to selected Wi-Fi access points without requiring end-user involvement. This automation is creates overall value, drives Wi-Fi usage, and provides a positive user experience. The connection manager functionality is achieved by mobile client software that interacts with the automated BxMarket platform. The BxApp can either be preloaded into a mobile device, included in any operator app, or downloaded to a customer’s devices using Google Play or Apple App Store.

App deployment options

  • Platforms

    The connection manager is available for both Android and iOS devices.

  • Pre-loaded Utility App

    The app provides a limited user interface to allow the user to control the functions at a high level, including the ability to turn off the functionality. This version of the app is often used for OEM preload distribution.

  • Android Software Development Kit (SDK)

    Our software development kit (SDK) provides a very easy way to integrate the BxApp functionality into any existing app. It provides a streamlined API to instantiate the library and control some of its higher-level features.

  • White labeled app

    The white labeled app has a full user-interface that provides a lot of control functions to the user and a Wi-Fi finder map. It can be branded specifically to the customer’s brand. It is best delivered as a downloaded app from Google Play or Apple App Store.

User experience and quality control measures

  • Quality Connections

    Connections are only established and maintained when signals are strong

  • Monitored Signal

    Signal strengths are constantly monitored

  • Frequent Internet Checks

    System frequently checks to ensure Internet connection hasn’t been lost

  • Speed Tests

    Real time tests of speeds make sure we meet Mobile Operator and Network Service Provider defined criteria

  • Focus on User Experience

    Positive user experience is key. We’ve designed features and functionality to ensure the app stays out of the end users way and avoids app removal by the end user.


BxMarket performs a variety of functions. These include network selection optimization, authentication and authorization, dynamic real-time policy controls for devices and access points, settings for quality of service and experience controls, and data collection and processing. All of these components work together to provide customers complete control and the best experience in optimizing their network selection.

BxMarket has been operating commercially with Wi-Fi since early 2015. The types of Wi-Fi managed by BxMarket can include: user’s own Wi-Fi, operator’s own carrier Wi-Fi network, automated access to complimentary Amenity Wi-Fi, and/or paid Premium Wi-Fi. Premium access points are those that are participating in the BxMarket and require payment for access. Amenity access points are tens of millions of hotspots offered on a complimentary basis at reputable retail locations and other public/private venues.

Other Benefits

BxWiFi also opens the door to the following subscriber engagement benefits from retention to app distribution.


BxNotify is a service that allows MNOs and MVNOs to send notifications to subscribers without using text messages. It works both when the mobile service plan is active and when the cellular service is not active and the device connects to the Internet using Wi-Fi.

A variety of rules, messaging with hyperlinks, and schedules may be applied to the delivery preferences. This optimizes the number of notifications needed to prompt the subscriber to take an action. BxNotify is especially helpful for reaching customers when the plan period has lapsed, the user has not fully activated their new phone, and for win-back campaigns or other retention or customer service activities.

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BxPrompt is a service to facilitate effective app distribution to subscribers of mobile operators. It enables timely and meaningful interaction with subscribers who are activating a new device. The service can prompt the user to get an app and provide confirmation that the app continues to be installed on a device. This makes it possible to offer incentives or service terms that are conditional on subscriber’s device having a specific app, for example, the mobile operator’s customer care app.

BxPrompt utilizes the functions of the BxMarket. These functions are added to the customer care app using a simple SDK. The SDK runs a background service that keeps in daily contact with BxMarket servers as long as the app is present on the device. This allows BxPrompt to react if the customer care app is removed.

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