• Demand,
    say hello to capacity.

    Optimize network use across ownership boundaries.

  • Realize the potential in your network.

    Unlock the hidden value when and where it counts.

  • Extend your coverage.

    Faster more reliable data connections that improve the reach to the sector outer edge.

  • Precise Control,
    Better Quality.

    Only shift data traffic where and when needed.

We’ve built a technology solution that brings mobile data demand and capacity together in a perfect match.

Industry Accolades:

What do we do?

BandwidthX reduces the cost of mobile data traffic, improves user experience, and increases capital efficiency of mobile networks through our award winning products.


Advanced connection management, cloud-based controls, and improved use of Wi-Fi extend data capacity and coverage of cellular data networks.


Harnesses the underutilized reserves in LTE (and 5G) networks using existing 3GPP standard parameters to double the capital efficiency and improve speed of mobile networks.


Aggregated anonymous data points provide intelligence on cellular and Wi-Fi perfomance, environment, and network conditions.

Why do we do it?

Data consumption on mobile devices climbs year after year. The race to keep networks up with the demand is a continuous and expensive battle.

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Demand for mobile data continues to skyrocket especially as more individuals solely rely on their mobile service for internet access. For the foreseeable future, forecasts predict annual data demand growth of about 50%. Somehow mobile operators need to keep up with this growth in data demand. Currently, mobile operators pour more money into their networks every year, progressively eating into their margins.

In addition, all cellular networks have low capital asset utilization. This intractable problem results from the necessity to build in extra capacity to account for future demand growth until the next opportunity to increase capacity in each location. Often the low percentage load is in areas with the latest capacity addition and the highest percentage peak loads are in locations with the oldest capacity upgrades. BandwidthX offers alternatives to significantly reduce these year over year CapEx and OpEx.

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Who Do We Serve?

Network Operators:

Leverage your existing network and unlock the hidden value when and where it makes a difference.

Mobile Operators:

Meet the busy hour demand by making agile data capacity additions only when and where it matters to you.


Work with us to add new solutions to your offering and help your customers optimize their networks for cost savings and quality improvements.


Find Us

BandwidthX, Inc.
5796 Armada Drive, Suite 375
Carlsbad, CA 92008

Office: 760-203-4955
Fax: 760-557-2333

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