White Papers

Beyond Mobile-Network Sharing: Regulatory Challenges in Dense Urban Areas

This white paper addresses the global regulatory environment for mobile network sharing, including the changing economics of the mobile industry and the challenges and opportunities of sharing in dense urban areas.

Value of Dark Wi-Fi: Financial Impact of a Wi-Fi Offload Market Solution

This white paper evaluates a new mobile data paradigm – harnessing Wi-Fi capacity through a marketplace.


The pocket guide to BandwidthX

A brief guide to learn more about BandwidthX and its carrier-neutral exchange platforms.

Product Guide: BxWiFi

Learn more about BxWiFi and how it optimizes the use of wireless data utilizing all available Wi-Fi and cellular.

Product Guide: BxNotify

Discover more about BxNotify and how it enables full subscription lifecycle communication.

Product Guide: Xpacity

Learn more about Xpacity and how it creates a new dimension in network sharing in urban areas.

Product Guide: BxPrompt

Discover more about BxPrompt and how it facilitates effective app distribution to subscribers of mobile operators

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