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Demand for mobile data continues to skyrocket especially as more devices from mobile phones to tablets to wearables come to market and individuals rely solely on their mobile service for internet access. Mobile data forecasts shows global mobile data demand growing by 47-50% annually between 2016 and 2021. Mobile network operators (MNOs) need to find ways to keep up with this growth in data demand. Currently, MNOs pour more CapEx and OpEx into their networks every year, progressively eating into their margins. These expenditures are expected to climb with the need for 5G network investment.

BandwidthX addresses the cost of growing mobile data traffic demand and improves capital efficiency of mobile network investments through our awarding winning products.


Advanced connection management, cloud-based controls, and Wi-Fi networks extend data capacity and coverage of traditional data networks.


Harnesses the underutilized reserves in LTE (and 5G) networks using existing 3GPP standard parameters to double the capital efficiency and improve speed of mobile networks.


Aggregated anonymous data points provide intelligence on cellular and Wi-Fi perfomance, environment, and network conditions.


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