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What is it?


The Xpacity platform is a cloud service that unlocks existing underutilized cellular capacity. Leveraging powerful multi-dimensional algorithms and cloud computing, the service intelligently calculates mobile network baseline settings to find the best combinations of cell selection parameters. Xpacity improves current network management functions through new and different optimization strategies enabling the existing systems to do an even better job.

The result is a more effective network configuration, which translates into significant performance improvements and savings for mobile network operators (MNOs). By maximizing the use of existing capacity, MNOs can meet demand growth without additional network investment.

What are the

Xpacity offers several features and benefits to its participants, including:

  • Immediate, high ROI impact
  • No new hardware or costly implementation
  • Significantly reduces cost, creates wholesale opportunities, and improves network performance
  • Better quality of service for end users
  • Balances load and signal conditions in multiple frequency layers
  • Best outcomes in dense urban areas
  • Green solution with opportunity for energy savings and lowering radiation
  • Uses standard 3GPP parameters

Xpacity increases network efficiency. Optimally moving mobile devices from a loaded cell or frequency to a better alternative improves coverage and performance. This also creates significant capacity and throughput improvements as well as opportunities for dramatic CapEx savings and wholesale revenue. MNOs can decide what mix of benefits is right for them. With the savings, operators are able to better deploy capital and spectrum for 5G rollouts.

How does it

Unlike other tools, Xpacity considers both signal and load conditions, as well as their combined effect on throughput across all frequencies and cells in mobile networks. Advanced optimization, sophisticate algorithms, and a massive cloud platform assure that each mobile device will be served by the cell in the network layer that achieves the best cost savings and user experience improvement. The system conducts millions of “what-if” comparisons and establishes the optimal combination of baseline settings for the cell selection parameters. The solution works without direct integration into MNO’s real time network control system. It provides for each peak load situation a combination of parameters that will be recalculated once a month.

Xpacity’s net effect is moving a MNO's underutilized LTE capacity from areas where average network load is low to locations where the load is high and additional capacity is needed. Monthly setting updates keep demand growth and network changes in check.

Xpacity Platform Components

Analysis Tool

Analysis Tool lets participants create detailed scenarios and see in advance exactly what effect Xpacity will have on their subscribers and network.

Cross Optimizer

Cross Optimizer uses sophisticate algorithms to calculate the needed set of 3GPP parameters to maximize speeds and reduce loads.

Control Parameters

Control parameters consist of a calibrated baseline of cell selection settings. New parameters are entered monthly through the OSS or SON.

Two Options for Applying Xpacity:

Adds 30% capacity to a single multi-frequency network

XpacityONE (X1) is a cloud software service that tailors its service to single mobile operator networks (MNOs) and unlocks their network capacity by optimizing traffic distribution and inter-frequency parameters. The solution leverages the Xpacity platform to calculate a more effective baseline for network settings in multiple frequency layers. This creates significant capacity and throughput improvements as well as opportunities for CapEx savings.

To meet the growing data demand and maintain the high-quality subscriber experience, operators must build networks with the future in mind. This means continuing to upgrade network capacity and deploying multiple frequency layers as the demand grows. These upgrades create large data capacity reserves in each location to cover demand growth until the next opportunity to increase capacity.

XpacityONE can employ this otherwise underutilized capacity by using it to relieve heavily loaded cells. By calculating a combination of cell selection parameters between several frequency layers across the entire network area, XpacityONE can effectively move network capacity from cells with a low load to high load areas where it is needed. This creates a completely new dimension to maximizing the efficiency of existing network capacity.

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Adds 100% capacity to each of two or more MNOs by optimizing across ownership boundaries

XpacityMULTI (XM)  is a cloud software service that enables intelligent load-based movement of mobile traffic across different operator LTE and 5G networks. Leveraging the Xpacity platform, the solution offers flexible tools to optimize device and demand distribution between two or more mobile network operators (MNOs). This creates significant additional capacity and throughput improvements as well as opportunities for dramatic CapEx savings and wholesale revenue.  

XpacityMULTI logically redistributes mobile demand across MNO networks. High load areas are usually in different locations in independent networks. Xpacity enables better utilization of the underused capacity while alleviating pain points.

For years, operators in many countries have been engaged in static sharing of portions of their networks to produce efficiencies and lower CapEx relating to network coverage. Growing financial pressures have encouraged many MNOs to turn to active network sharing in less populated areas. However, in more populated areas – where capacity is often most strained – active network sharing or national roaming is complicated for competitive and regulatory reasons.  XpacityMULTI has been developed specifically to take advantage of sharing opportunities in dense urban areas while preserving the competitive differentiation of each mobile operator. This makes it a desirable alternative or complement to active network sharing and national roaming.

Upgrading from X1  to XM  is straightforward and multiplies the savings and performance improvement. With XM, the optimization can take full advantage of the diversity between two independent networks.

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